About Us

“I know nothing, except what everyone knows –
           if there when grace dances, I should dance.”
rachel harre and frank malone of fragments of grace


Frank and Rachel in 2005…so age them both, but please be gentle!

So…a little potted history about Rachel and Frank. Rachel, having graduated from the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, was teaching art at Christchurch Girls High School, when she met and fell head-over-heals in love with Frank Malone. Frank, having had a career in the exciting world of ‘aluminium windows and doors’ (after arming himself with a degree in History from the University of Canterbury, and an interest in pottery) was completely, and utterly, in love with Rachel. A beautiful wedding at Tai Tapu was held, and Rachel moved into Frank’s little bach at Woodend Beach.

In 1997, Rachel was awarded a scholarship to travel to Israel, where she and Frank immersed themselves in their respective fields of painting and pottery. They also had a fine time galavanting around London, Paris and Rome….a second honeymoon of sorts!  After returning to New Zealand, Rachel continued to paint and exhibit, and Frank went back into the world of aluminium. Life at the beach was good and Frank and Rachel, as a bit of a side hustle, had two children in fairly quick succession. Michael delights them with his arrival in 1998 and Heléna is the “icing-on-the-cake” in 1999.  In 2000 Frank comes home and declares that he has chucked in his job, as he wants to stay home with his babies and give pottery a go! Rachel is thrilled ….but can hardly breathe….as the company car and lovely salary become a thing of the past! Their first exhibition together was titled ‘Fragments of Grace’. They find that their respective skills work well together, with Frank making large, one-off coil pots that Rachel decorates. The work goes back and forth between them, until it is finished. They also work on a large artwork for a primary school and a sculpture of Kaiapoi’s history, for the riverbank in Kaiapoi. They survive the Christchurch earthquakes, but their art works are not so lucky. Frank returns to the world of Aluminium and Rachel continues to make art.

Rachel and Frank try to look for the ‘grace” moments in life. The moments of joy, laughter and hope.

example of art works - wall tiles made of clay and paint